What's a VoiceThread?

A VoiceThread is an online media album that can hold essentially any type of media (images, documents and videos) and allows people to make comments in 5 different ways - using voice (with a microphone or telephone), text, audio file, or video (with a webcam) - and share them with anyone they wish. A VoiceThread allows group conversations to be collected and shared in one place, from anywhere in the world.

Do I need a microphone?

Yes, and no. There is no substitute for the compassion, emotion, and expressiveness of the human voice. We understand that many first time users might not yet have a microphone. We do allow you to easily leave text comments in place of speaking. To leave a voice comment, while viewing a VoiceThread, select the "record" button. Likewise, to leave a text comment, select the "type" button.

Say, "Hello!"

What are identities?

Think of an identity as your VoiceThread personality. Each time you leave a voice or text comment, your VoiceThread will attach your identity to the comment. By creating more identities you can share a single account with an entire family, so the whole group can comment on a VoiceThread without ever having to sign into another account. This feature is really great for parents or teachers who wish to monitor a child or student as they leave comments in a VoiceThread, or for those of you who enjoy wearing costumes and role-playing.

How many voices can there be?

Each page of a VoiceThread can hold the comments of thousands of people. After about 35 comments on a single page, comment pagination turns on and an additional arrow shows up next to the comment navigation buttons to view more.
How many pages can there be?
Free accounts can have 50 pages per VoiceThread, while VoiceThread Pro accounts can have 500.

What does this all cost?

Your FREE account has no limits on participation and no one will ever need to pay anything to view and comment on a VoiceThread. A Free account does have some limitations on VoiceThread creation, but you can easily upgrade to a VoiceThread Ed account for a one time fee of $10. See here for more details.

Schoolwide VoiceThread: RESPECT

Visit the page on the school website: http://herricks.org/denton.cfm?subpage=13156 or check out the VoiceThread below:


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